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Best Eats in Berlin

Berlin is a beautiful city with a myriad of landmarks and attractions scattered throughout. But no culture trip is complete without also experiencing your destination through your palates. Fortunately, Berlin has much to offer, and here I provide a list of the best eats in Berlin. Mahlzeit!

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German-Efficient Itinerary to See the Best of Berlin

Berlin is a big city. And if you’re like me, you flew over with a few landmarks to see in mind, but without an established plan of action to tackle them all, let alone figuring out which actually merit a visit. Fortunately for you, I’ve laid out an efficient itinerary that walks you through the best Berlin has to offer!


Pro Tips for Visiting Milford Sound

Milford Sound is consistently rated as one of top attractions to visit in NZ’s South Island, but it’s also quite polarizing, given the high likelihood of rain and highly inconvenient location. Bad weather aside, here are some pro tips to heed when you’re visiting Milford Sound.

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3 Must Stop Points Along Arthur’s Pass

This may sound strange, but if you’re visiting New Zealand’s South Island, you should take a drive along the Arthur’s Pass. Though you can literally spend several days exploring the wealth of attractions the passage has to offer, here are 3 must-stop points you can prioritize if you’re simply passing through.